Vital Records Index

Here this section will contain basic information for each of the vital categories if avaiable, also eventually will be a complete listing of each of the following WPA - it is hopeful other items concerning these will be avaiable consult the index of each from the category heading.

Birth Index for site
    General Information for Births
    WPA Index of Births
    Court Issued Birth Certificates

Marriage Index for site
    General Information for Marriages
    WPA Index of Marriages 3 vols 1821 -1920, A-Z
    WPA Supplemental Marriage Records, 1882-1893, A-Z.
    WPA Supplemental Marriage Records, April 1905-December 1911, A-Z.
    Marriage Licenses
    • General Index 1921-1940
    • General Index 1940-1973
    • General Index 1973-1987
    • Marriage Records Vol. 14-44 (1921 to Oct. 1987); each of these books have their own Index also

Death Index for site

Divorce Index for Site

Census for Site

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