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This will be the section for Obitiuaries for people who were born, resided, or died in Greene county.

Please feel free to submit an obitaury - just give the date published and name of newspaper - even if there is an Obituary listed please feel free to submit it especially if it is from another newspaper - or if you know it was in other newspaper and have the date of publication etc. - they can be listed at the bottom of an exisitng obituary as another source for it.

If it is a "clipped" obituary it is also welcome - just state that date and newspaper is not known - these I call "shoebox genealogy" - mom's, grandma's or auntie's - often they would clip an obituary of a relative close or distant, a neighbor, or a friend they would be saved in either a shoebox, a cigar box or tucked away in a bible.

I have obituaries that I am working on right now that have to be broken down and I have ideas or working them into the WPA Deaths and also into a cemetery database - along with pictures of tombstones (some of which are on the old site as yet). This will take sometime to organize and do - this will be a work in progress tweaked as I go. Each obit is an individual page and file name is the person proceeded with their death date - as to avoid an overwrite of a file and a matching clue in the future.

Online Obituaries for 1 June - 17 June 2007 are non-existant - In fact the whole newspaper for that time period seems to be lost in cyber-space.

Obituary Rules - :
  • Can be out of any newspaper etc. not limited to a Greene county Indiana source
  • Person must of been born in Greene county
  • Person must of graduated from a Greene county Indiana High School
  • Person must of resided or worked in Greene County Indiana at one time and connetion mentioned in Obit
  • Person died elsewhere but was buried in a Greene County Indiana cemetery
  • Obits can be clipped -
  • Obits can be transcribed -
  • Please give the name of Newspaper, date of publication etc. if possible
  • There can be more than one obituary for a person, from more than one newspaper - just let me know and I will post all obits under the same entry for the person - remember each obituary could differ in some small way!

This is the first listing of an obituary index - I have left the e-mails as was given but can not guarantee if they are vaild or not; obituaries will be attached when found attached:

Deceased Date of death Newspaper Publication Date E-Mail
Baldridge, John Alexander 9 November 1906 Bloomfield News 16 November 1906 Jefferson 
Coakley, Jeremiah 27 March 1916  Nokomis Progress  30 March 1916 Phillips  
Fry, Andrew Jackson 3 December 1904  Bloomfield News  9 December 1904 Strohm  
Fry, George Riley  5 June 1920 Bloomfield News  10 June 1920 Strohm 
Frye, James Andrew 31 October 1958  Bloomfield News  6 November 1958 Strohm 
Frye, Tona [Terrell] 17 August 1964  Bloomfield News  20 August 1964 Strohm 
Terrell, Tona 17 August 1964  Bloomfield News  20 August 1964 Strohm 
Uland, James Nelson 27 February 1910  Bloomfield News  10 March 1910 Strohm 

single Obituary Index

Obits from the Terre Haute Tribune
, Note I can not find a Greene County connection but were on site.

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Other Sources of Obituaries of Greene County Residents current or past. All Newspaper links go directly to the obituary page for that newspaper

I have tried to find all FREE ACCESS sources for obituaries - it their is a possiblilty of having to pay to access it is mentioned also

  • Vincennes Sun Commercial - Obituaries - full FREE access to current Obitaury, older requires subscription - Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana
  • Terre Haute Tribune Star - Indiana -full FREE access to current Obitaury, Terre Haute, Vigo County
  • Greene county Daily World - gives a byline & possible picture requires Subscription or pay-per-obit
  • Indy Star - Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana - full FREE access to current Obitaury, could be limited on older -
  • Herald Times - gives a byline & possible picture requires Subscription or pay-per-obit - Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana -
  • Spencer Evening World - full FREE access to current Obitaury, could be limited on older - Spencer, Owen county, Indiana
  • Reporter Times - - gives a byline & possible picture requires Subscription or pay-per-obit - Morroseville, Morgan, Indiana
  • Brazil Times - gives a byline & possible picture requires Subscription or pay-per-obit Brazil, Clay County, Indiana
  • Sullivan Daily Times - cannot find an Obituary page - Sullvian Sullivan county,Indiana
  • Times Mail - gives a byline & possible picture requires Subscription or pay-per-obit Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana
  • Martin County Journal - cannot find an Obituary page - Loogootee, Martin County Indiana
  • Washington Times Herald - - full FREE access to current Obitaury, not sure requiredments for older obits - Washington, Daviess, Indiana

  • Monroe County Indiana Obituary Index Search - Bloomington
  • Wabash Valley Obituary Index Vigo County Library - Terre Haute, Indiana; Tips for searching
  • Linton Pulic Library Obituary Database

  • Obituary Central
    ; for Indiana
  • Life in Legacy
  • Death Norices and Obituaries, probably pay-pre-obit
  • National Obituary Archive
Current FREE ONLINE obituaries, service information and some archived obituaries from the past may be found on the websites of all of these funeral homes serving Greene county and the surrounding area.

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