Family Histories

There have been many books about Greene County residents published. Also there are unpublished manuscripts. Do you own one you would be willing to do lookups in??? Do you own any of the ones listed and willing to do looks up is? Any corrections to the list below?

Family Book or FilesOwned or researched byEmail
Uland, Bingham, Buffalo families    
Stalcup Family   
Long Family    
The Descendants of Kelly Heaton(1782-1993; Bernice Heaton Jasper (1993)    
Vandeventers of Greene,
Owen, Monroe & Clay Counties Indiana
Judith Burns
Manuscript Only 
Bays of Greene County Indiana
Judith Burns
Manuscript only 
Valentine Alt His Children & Grand Children
Nellie Reeser) Updated Judith Burns
Manuscript onlynbsp;
Valentine Alt Descendants, PAF Version Judith Burns
Manuscript onlynbsp;
Greene, Rogers, Campbell, Morrris Families, PAF Version Judith Burns
Manuscript onlynbsp;
Descendants of Thomas Hardesty of Greene Gounty, Judith Burns
PAF Maunscript  
Turley Family Records
Beth Mitchel etal/Turley Family Assoc.  
Judith E. (McKee) Burns    
Mansfields of Greene county, PAF Version Judith Burns
Manuscript onlynbsp;
The Thomas Jefferson Jones Genealogy
Eveyln Cook Hall & William C. Hall  
Judith E. (McKee) Burns   
The Mc Daniel Family - Our Hertiage
Marcella Mc Daniel  
Judith E. (McKee) Burns      
Our Gastineau Family, 3rd Edition
Loyd D. Gastineau, Compiler,  
Gastineau Family 2nd Edition
Flossie Oakes, 
Chartered Records of Valentin Alt Family In America
Hand written/typed Group sheets unpublished 3 vol Set
Nellie Wallace Reeser  
Laurens Duyts/Dye Family History John & Mary Applegate Dye Vol 4 BK. 1, The
Joyce Lee Mills  
Laurens Duyts/Dye Family History Vol. 1 Bk. 1 First Three gen. & Vincent Additonal & Corrected Information, The
Joyce Lee Mills  
Laurens Duyts/Dye Family History Vol. 1 Bk. 1 First Three generations & Vincent and Sarah Artesse Dye, The
Joyce Lee Mills 
Laurens Duyts/Dye Family History Vol. 1 Bk. 2 Vincent Dye Families not appearing in Vol. 1 Bk. 1, The
Joyce Lee Mills 
Laurens Duyts/Dye Family History Vol. 2 Bk. 1 David and Hannah Disbrow Dye, The
Joyce Lee Mills 
Laurens Duyts/Dye Family History Vol. 3 Bk. 1 (William and Margaret (Salter), The
Joyce Lee Mills 
Serious Business (The Livingston-Hazel Connection)    
Samuel McKee
Adelaid Jenness (1910) 
Sextons, The Donald Jr. and Georgie Benton   Judith E. (McKee) Burns    
Valentin Alt, His Children and Grandchildren
Nellie Wallace Reeser (1949) 
Valentine Alt: Four Generations of Ault Descendants
Bill Kincaid; indexed by Jeanne Chaney (2000)  
Ashcraft Family Descendants of Daniel (The)
Martha Ashcraft Neal (1994)  
Descendants and Ancestors of Joseph Howe McKee of Owen County, Indiana (McKee's of Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana, The
Manuscript Judith E. (McKee) Burns 
Koleen, Indiana My Home Town
Claude M. Lynch  
Koleen, Indiana Recollections of Orginal Settlers and their families
Claude M. Lynch  
Genealogical Records of Descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Mass. 1590-1890,
Rev. Rufus Emery (1890)  
Judith E. (McKee) Burns   Online
The Genealogical Records
Descendants of John Emery
of Newbury, Mass.1982)
Judith E. Burns  
Allen, Samuel Roy 1924-1966; Samuel Roy Allen Jr. (1995)   
Anderson , Frank & Minnie Clark (1798-); Paul E. Anderson (1998)   
Andrew(s), Daniel (1745) & Mary Hunter Andrew; Lewis E. Andrew (2001)   
Ashcraft; Shirley M. Owen & Donna Tauber (2002)   
Baldridge, John Alexander (1843-1906: Judith Jefferson (2005)   
Bayes, Summey; Gloria K. Summey for Victoria Leeja Harney (1974)   
Bays, Josiah I (1783-1842) & Letty Mayes(1785-1860); O. Carter Jr. (1997)   
Bays, William(1798-1875) & Lucy Bingham(1803-1882, Sarah (Sally) Bays; Rod Smart (2006)   
Beasley, Oliver(1873-1948) & Ida "Pigg" Beasley (1875-1970); Donald F. Clayton (2003)   
Benham, Joel (1780-1867) & Rebecca (1784-1858); John Allen Benham ( 2000 )     
Berns Family History   
Bingham, Edmond I (1774-1852)& Lucy Bays(1774-1857); Charles O. Carter Jr (1993)   
Blackmore-Bynum-Price; Ann Blackmore Key (2002)   
Boruff (Boriff); Walter Eugene Norris (1965)    
Bough, Fredrick Jr. & Nancy Williams ;Jeanne Hardy Forkner(1989)    
Bruner-Robinson Gerald J. Bruner ( 2006 )   
Burch, William (1700's); Beryl Estelle Burch Hewitt (1978)   
Burnett, Joshua (1753-1846); John & Matt Burnett (1999)   
Burnett-Baker-Beaman; Berch Burnett Jones, Archie Franklin Burnett, & Blanche Miller Burnett (1978 )    
Buskirk (VanBuskirk) (1625-); Sue Wilcox    
Byrams; John Arnold Byram (1996)   
Cade,Phineas & Catherine Alikre; H.M. Johaningsmeir (1995)    
Calverts of VA Descendants of the First Lord Baltimore through his second son Leonard Calvert (Founded Calvertville, Greene Co. IN); Ella Fay O'Gorman    
Carmichael Clan; Opal Carmichael Phoenix (1984)    
Carmichael, Alexander; Charles O. Carter Jr ( 1989 )   
Carter, William (1783-1874) & Lucy Edwards(d.1879),Thomas Edwards (1754-1829); Charles O. Carter Jr ( 1989 )    
Clark, Robert Lemuel (1917-1994) & Mary Esther Foster (1921-1985); Richard L. Clark (1998 )   
Clayton, Jeremiah(1829-1874); Donald F. Clayton ( 1996 )    
Clayton, John Wesley (1800's); Louise Sanders ( 1983 )   
Corbin, James(1793-1875) & Ale Hatfield (1778-1841); Kenneth Emanuel Corbin (1978)   
Eaton, John William F. (1832-1884) & Perneta Rchardson (1832-1898); Ralph R. Eaton    
Fields, Stephen & Sarah Short (1771-1994);Sam & Carolyn Fields    
Flater, George; Leola Wright Murphy (1992)   
Foddrill, Charles (1745-1830); Marion E. Foddrill (1998)   
Goodman - Goodman Traditions Volume 1 - Micajah C. Goodman & Rebecca Jane Hale Family History - by: David Benefiel   
Griffith, William (1656-1699) & Sarah Mccubbin (1671-1716); Paul Griffith Garland (1989)   
Ground (Grundt), Adam (1711-); Robert L. Carpenter (2000)   
Ground, (Ludwig Grund) Devault Grounds, Henry Grounds; George E. Hoke (1999)   
Hardesty, William (d.1661); John D. (Jack) Hardesty, OFM (1987)    
Hasler Family 1500-2000; Iva Dell Anderson (2000)   
Hasler, Peter (1795-1874) & Elisabeth Kolb (1791-1862); Iva Dell Anderson (1981)   
Hatfield, Emmanuel, (1805-); Ephram Inman    
Hoke, Richard Jerome; Bessie Reeves Hoke (1988)   
Hord; Rev. Arnold Harris Hord, Rector of Emmanuel Church, Holmesburg, Pa. (1898)    
Humphrey’s Family History   
Huttons of Southern Indiana 1700-2000: Including Bruces, Jacksons, Swangos, Walters, Paytons, Densons, Drehobls, Trauds and Others - by: Edward L. Hutton   
Jones, Norman Clifton (1877-1956 & Sarah Jane (Bough) (1878-1951); Nancy Jones Barrett    
King, James (1770-1835); Janet King Robinson Bower (2001)   
Laughlin, John (1710-1783) Jane Matthew (1714-); David K. Laughlin (1999)   
Livingston, John; Lucille Barco Coone (1990)   
Livingston, Olie, & Ada Jean Hazel; Julian R. Livingston (1996)   
McDaniel, Simon & Margaret Carter; Macella McDaniel (1982)    
McDonald, Greenberry (1761-1851); Doris Neal    
Miles, Esther Slinkard (1899-2002)   
Morris - Enoch Morris Family   
Neal, Robert (1685-); Doris Neal    
Oliphant, William (1741- ); Oliphant Family Research    
Overman, Jacob (1650-); William W. Overman (1945)    
Overstreet, James(1736-); Harry K. Windlan, (1995)   
Phillips, Edmund Sr.    
Phillips, Edmund Sr & Margaret Redmond Phillips (1740-1781); Marguerite Philips Ryan & Marilyn L Phillips Stanton (2005 )   
Phillips, Mordecai (1793-1867) & Jane Gordon (1803-1874); LaVeta Phillips Anderson, Sue Briggs Eyerly, Mary Gibbs Nugent, Beth Wise Stewart (1988)    
Pirtle, John & Amelia Fitzpatrick Henry M. Johnson, Henry J. Tilford (1936)    
Ray, James Homer (1834-1904); Marcella Marie McDaniel, (1981)    
Roach, James -1798); Dorthea Roach Edgerly & Raymond Henry Edgeryl (2000)   
Shouse, William Emmit (1883-1971 & Myrtle Altha Martin (1885-1966); Mary Alice Yost (1995)   
Simmons, Squire (1791- (1746-1986) Dorothy Geneva Simmons Skelton, 1986    
Skomp, Samuel (1775-1847) & Susannah Switzer (1776-1851); Mary Edith Marley, William K. Skomp, & Karen Erickson   
Stalcup (Stallcop), John Anderson ( -1686); Christina Carrols    
Stallcop-Stalcup-Stallcup-Staulcup; L.D. Stallcup, 1937/ Barbarann Budd 1993    
three volume "Stalcup Family History (1641-1986)" by Earl E. Jones    
The Genealogy of the Stalcup Family (Harry Stalcup at the University of Delaware in 1946)    
Stanley, Ophia (1900-); Pamela Sue Jones, 1998    
Uland, Jonas (1791-1829) & Elizabeth; Charles O. Carter, Jr.    
Van Buskirk, Michael (1721-1795 & Mariea van Deventer (1726-1818); Robert Van Buskirk (1996 )   
Warnick, James (1741-1804); Mrs. John Patrick Feighny (1976)    
Warnick, James (-1804); Jessie Almeda Warnick Jewett (1959)    
Watkins, (-1830); Ronald D. Demers, 2004    
Wells, James (1828-) & Sarah Jane Walker (1827); Marcella McDaniel, 1997    
Wilson, Dan D. (1598-); Charles "Leo" Wilson    
Wilson Families of Greene County, Indiana   
Winkelblech, Winkleblack, Winklepleck Genealogy - by: Aaron M. Winklepleck   
Woodward, Jacob Thomas Mason (1822-1905); Ralph Woodard, 1983    

There have been many books about Greene County residents published. Also there are unpublished manuscripts. Do you own one thats not listed that should be referenced?


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