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I have opened the Discusions category to include any questions, queries or look-ups I have received. I have tried to answer and hope I have - I am not sure where I stand on this. If not I hope this will help what I have over looked.

This section is open to more than queries and look-ups I have received.

How to post a query and how to post a surname.

Discussions, Queries and look-ups will be placed under 'Year'; other topics of discusion can or/will appear on this page for now or have their own page such as cemetery vandalism, covered bridge vandalism - etc.





The old Query pages were done by CCHelper. These were managed by CCHelper an application written by Patty Lindsay the program produced a Query, Surname, and Researcher page.They have been left on the site, they are found at Query as I feel they contain information that could be useful to someone. There is no guarantee that the e-mail is valid. If you do happen acroos an invalid e-mail will you be kind enough to let me know.

The Greene county Surname page is the place to get your Surnames listed. Just send them to me.

There are several places to Post Your Queries off site also:
Besides these you may want to check Rootsweb and Genforum for 'Surname Boards'.

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