Death Records

"It is said every person has three deaths.
The first is the actual physical death, when the spirit leaves the body.
The 2nd death is when the body is lowered into the grave,
never again to be seen in the flesh.
The 3rd and final death comes much later,
when all who knew that person have joined him in the afterlife,
and the name, even existence of that person vanishes from knowledge."

Records are found in the county health deapartment:

Greene County Health Department
Courthouse Annex 217 E Spring St Ste 1
Bloomfield, IN 47424
Phone: (812) 384-4496/(812)384-2016
Fax: (812) 384-2037
County Health Officer: Frederick R Ridge, MD

Hours 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Greene Co. Vital Records allows for a direct print out of application forms for birth, death & genealogy.

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