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Twigs & Branches is in no way connected with the Greene County Historical Society or the Greene County Genealogical Society, INGenWeb, Trails of Past (tho I once was - I made the mistake of combining my material with the sites instead of maintining seperate site for each - which I regret - but most all on either was my original reasear - or recovery work done for missing data stripped from the site); I started a seperate history genealogy site of material I had been colllecting since 1976 when I started genealogy

Most links to other sites will be taken off except for address resources for libraries, courthousest etc. bu som may remian if connected to genealogical ancestry material

Links to web sites if given are provided for your convenience and do not imply any endorsement of the web sites or their contents. Outside links do have the occadion to disappear or become invalid - it is hoped that you will kindly inform me of this - with the link address as well as the address of the page within the site that it was found on and every effort will be made to find the new location of the referenced site.

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My name is Judi Burns (a little more about me here and I am the person RESPONSIBLE for the Twigs & Branches webpage. Please contact me at if you would like to contribute to this database or if you have suggestions or comments.

Greene county Indiana site has approximately - 5,250 Files and 413 Folders and thousands of links.

I am a heavy user on GENI - and am putting most of my genealogical reasearch also on to that site - to preserve it and make it available for others to have it now and in the future. it is a LIMITED FREE site but it is a wonderful way to share your family history genealogy etc. and connect to other family members - it is an instant access to information added or corrected.

There is a possiblitly of errors being done - the site is all hand done (Typing, codeing in HTML) etc. - when a human bing is invovled there is always the door for an error to occur.

The latch string is always out.

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