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Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's Mary Lou (Neill) Combs Wiles Brewer, an avid genealogist of Greene county collected a series of loose leaf cemetery inscriptions of Greene county. They had been passed around by many and there were copicous notes on them about the people [as to spouse, parents, marriage dates, miltary serivce etc], and dates filled in where missing dates. Being out of county she supplied me with these and I treasured them; adding to them from the Bloomfield News over the years.

The name list will contain the name of the cemetery and all other names that it is known by; township it is located in; and location; a column is given for Caretaker - but as yet none is known to me. As I can I will try and fill in as much of the missing information that is possible.

From the list of cemeteries in Greene county you will be able to access the burial records for each cemtery as completed.

These will be awhile incoming as there is much work to be done on them as yet but as I get them data based and proofed I will start adding them right now I am doing it as one large data base to compare records and all sources I have on hand, etc.

I have a cemetery database program that I am trying to master - which will incorporate the list, pictures, and obituaries. This all will be a montumental task to accomplish.

List of cemteries and locations


Livingston cemetery Improvements

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